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Adult Institute Opens Modern Auditorium


Students, authorities of the Margaret Morganroth Gullette Free Institute for Adults and representatives of the different donors opened a modern multipurpose auditorium on February 10th as part of the conclusion of the second phase of construction at the campus of this educational institution, all within the framework of the beginning of the 2018 school year.

The auditorium is a multiple use facility. On some occasions serving as an assembly hall or it may serve as classrooms. It has a system of sliding panels that divide it into three different soundproofed rooms thanks to the special materials used.

The auditorium has a modern sound system with projection equipment in high resolution.
“The construction of this building constitutes the completion of the second phase of the Margaret Morganroth Institute campus. We have a master plan that encompasses the construction of the entire campus in three phases. We are going to work hard to complete the third phase very soon”, explained Dr. Rosa Elena Bello, President of the Patricia Claeys Foundation and Founding Rector of the Institute.

According to Dr. Bello she has been given the task of “improving our educational model, and anticipating greater competition nationally and internationally. We are integrating new technologies and equipment to our educational center and creating better conditions for our students in urban and rural areas for education and training in those essential elements for their work performance in these new times” emphasized Dr. Bello.

Bello said that in this way they are “replacing the infrastructure gap that the Margaret Institute had since its foundation more than 16 years ago. Now the facilities are equipped with “smart” classrooms, that is, they have access to the internet and other interactive media such as screens and projectors, which makes it easier to access innovative learning methods” she said.

Bello acknowledged that the modern work was executed with the valuable contribution of the Random Acts Foundation and Child’s Play, which work hand in hand with the Patricia Claeys Foundation to contribute to the improvement of education in San Juan del Sur.
“It’s a long-term project, but we have already started a modernization plan, where we are clear that we must invest in the best education we can provide,” he said.

The new auditorium began its construction in 2017, under an eco- friendly concept with 90% of the material used being bamboo and other materials used being “sustainable” giving harmony with the environment. The auditorium also achieves significant energy savings because its design decreases the need to use lights or air conditioners on all the time. “It was built in a way that facilitates the circulation of air, making artificial air conditioning unnecessary to a large extent. The three classrooms do not receive direct sunlight all day, which prevents the suffocating heat building up”, said Dr. Bello.

In Memoriam
The auditorium was built under the design and supervision of the Architect Luis Bosco Silva Carcache (R.I.P.). Silva died in a traffic accident on January 30th, just days before the inauguration. As recognition of his work and the dedication put into building it, Patricia Claeys Foundation decided to “baptize” the building with the name of “Auditorium Multipurpose Arq. Luis Bosco Silva Carcache – In Memoriam”. His mother; Prof. Dolores (Director of the Educational Institution) participated in the unveiling of the plaque, along with Patricia Claeys Foundation authorities, family and friends of the architect who honored him posthumously.

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