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A Round-Up of Local Sports

A Round-Up of Local Sports

Kids Baseball Starts Second Round

The Municipal Children’s Baseball League organized by Comunidad Connect with 5 participating teams continues to play games on Saturdays from 9 am. Last Saturday began the second round and the positions are as follows: Las Pampas and Toros del Valle share first place with 7 wins and 3 losses. Ostional are 4 and 6, Zaragoza also 4 and 6 and Los Halcones are 2 and 6. This Saturday, May 12th at El Oro its Los Halcones receiving Las Pampas. Meanwhile Zaragoza visits Los Toros del Valle at the Emilio Espinoza Diamond and Ostional get the bye. Batting leader is Cristian Herrera with 545 points and the sub leader Wilkar Ulloa of Las Pampas with 526 points.

Final – Men’s Softball 

Last Saturday, games three and four were played in the best of seven final softball series. San Juan Enacal swept team with scores of 13 to 10 and 7 to 2 and are up 3-1 in the series with La Cuesta who will have to sweep San Juan Enacal to force a game seven. This Saturday, May 12th, the series continues at the Miguel Arana stadium at 2pm. DON’T MISS IT!

Fut-Sala (Harcourt 5 a Side Soccer) is on the Quarterfinals

At the sports park in front of the boardwalk the Fut Sala is in the third round with 8 teams. The positions are as follows: All Star are in first place with 55 points, La Planta 50 points, Cerveceros 45 points, Barrio Nuevo 28 points, Triángulo Oro 28 points, Milan 21 points, Barberena 21 points and Las Pampas 20 points. The leading scorer is Jesus Calderón of the All Star with 37 goals and Kennet Gonzalez of La Planta with 32 goals. The matches are being held on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 p.m. This week the quarterfinals will begin with home and away games to define the 4 teams that will be in the semi-finals. WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!


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