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A Long Weekend and a Minimum Wage Pay Raise


Statutory Holidays – Long Weekend

In accordance with Article 66 of the Labor Code, September 14th and 15th are mandatory national holidays (feriados in Spanish) with the right to rest and salary.

As usual, the marches and parades for Independence Day will take place in the morning on the Friday 14th September, leaving the remainder of that day, all day Saturday the 15th and the usual Sunday as a long weekend.

The Ministry of Labor (MITRAB) will likely publish the official memo this week to announce the compulsory national holidays, with the right to rest and salary for Friday, September 14th, the 162nd anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto and for Saturday, September 15, the 197th anniversary of Nicaragua’s independence. The exceptions to the days off with pay are those sectors that due to their nature cannot be interrupted (Article 69). Any individual required to work on those days can elect to either receive double pay or regular pay and another day off.

Amendment 10th September 2018: The Secretary General of the Ministry of Labor (MITRAB), José León Argüello, announced on Monday the communique that decrees September 14 and 15 as compulsory national holidays, with the right to rest and salary for all workers in the country – as in the above article.

 Minimum Wage Increase

The second half of the minimum wage increase for 2018 will enter into force on September 1st 2018 and should show up in the pay period ending 15th of September.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Labor (MITRAB) reported that the increase in the minimum wage will go into force as of the 1st. March and is 10.40 percent, based on Law 185 of the Labor Code, and Law 625 of the Minimum Wage.

The second half increase of the 10.40% (approved on March 9th) was ratified last August 23rd. The Minister of Labor, Alba Luz Torres, confirmed the adjustment of 5.20% for 9 out of 10 different sectors, all with different minimum wages. The Zona Franca sector received their full increase in March 2018 by special agreement.

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