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30 Years of Brotherhood with Norway

Celebran 30 años de hermandad Noruega

By Néstor Alí Gómez

On the occasion of the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the twinning between the Cities of San Juan del Sur and Sauda-Norway (1988-2018), a delegation from that Nordic country traveled to San Juan del Sur to celebrate this significant event in a big way.
The representative delegation of Sauda was headed by the Mayor, Mr. Asbjørn Birkeland, and the President of the Twinning; Mrs. Barbro Ccoscco as well as other officials of the government of the Norwegian city. The protocol of the reception and attention to the sister delegation was conducted by the Municipality of San Juan del Sur, represented by the Mayor, Lic. Mayra Solís Briceño.

Multiple Activities
Between 12th and the 16th of February, within the framework of the celebration of 30 years of mutual work and brotherhood, the Norwegian delegation held various activities that highlighted the cooperation in San Juan del Sur for three decades, as well as the contribution they have provided in the field of education.

The agenda of official activities included formal dinner receptions, meetings with the municipal authorities and public servants of the local government of San Juan del Sur held in the headquarters building of the municipality.

The representatives of the Twinning of Sauda-San Juan del Sur took advantage of the trip to visit the Sauda Bickerland School, one of its main references in terms of cooperation in education issues where they shared time with students and teachers.

The visit was extended to other educational institutions of the municipality, including the Public Institute Emanuel Mongalo and Rubio and the school located in the community of El Oro.

During their stay in San Juan del Sur, the distinguished group of visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the quality and human warmth that characterizes the people of San Juan el Sur, taste the local and national cuisine and experience the cultural richness that Nicaragua has to offer.

On the day of the activities to celebrate the 30th birthday of the cooperation, the event was to close with the ceremony of the “Signing of a new Twinning Agreement” which showed the will to continue promoting actions and the strengthening of the relationship and collaboration between the City of Sauda and the City of San Juan del Sur.

For this, the local government held a public and massive event in the Gaspar García Laviana Central Park, chaired by the governments of both sister cities and the presidents of the twinning; Barbro Ccoscco for Sauda and Professor Carlos Guzmán for the City of San Juan del Sur. The activity also included the participation of special guests, among them previous mayors of local governments who kept the twinning active.

The night was enlivened with Nicaraguan culture. Those attending the brotherhood ratification event enjoyed folk dances by “Nicaragua Mía” Dance Group and musical themes of the Misa Campesina, performed by the musical group “Los Peregrinos”


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