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International Earth Day

Día Internacional de la Tierra

By Néstor Alí Gómez

The International Earth Day is celebrated around the world every April 22nd. This is an event in which a series of activities are carried out that seek to promote harmony with nature and the planet and achieve a fair balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of the present and future generations.

The official website of the United Nations (UN) www.un.org explains that the International Mother Earth Day is celebrated to remember that the planet and its ecosystems give life and sustenance.

With this day, we assume the collective responsibility (as the Rio Declaration of 1992 reminded us) of fostering this harmony with nature and Mother Earth

says the source consulted.

According to the UN, this event also offers the opportunity to raise awareness among all the inhabitants of the planet, about the problems that affect the Earth and the different forms of life that take place in it.


It was in 1970 that a US citizen suggested that on April 22nd, Earth Day be celebrated with a march. His name was Gaylord Nelson, a Democratic senator and activist. However, beyond defining a date to commemorate the importance of the planet, he had one goal: to generate pressure in the public sector to create a federal environmental agency in the United States.

Nearly two thousand universities and ten thousand schools attended the event. In addition, it was thanks to this that the US Government created the Environmental Protection Agency: an institution that would later support laws for the preservation of the environment.

How can you celebrate this important Day?

To be part of this day and join to the actions that help to take care of our Mother Earth. You don’t necessarily have to attend mass events. You can also celebrate Earth Day in a simple but ecological way; that will have a beneficial impact on the care of our “home”.

You can perform small acts such as: recommend a friend to switch from incandescent lamps to energy saving lamps. Another idea is to plant a tree and invite your friends to do the same. Teach children to appreciate and care nature, and about the importance of biodiversity. You can tell that person who has thrown garbage in the street, pick it up and deposit it in the container. You can recycle and avoid the continuous use of plastic bags. Do some environmental cleanup in your neighborhood. On this Day, some organizations are dedicated to propose different places that need a cleanup and are abandoned. Also, you can share on social networks or through other means, your “selfie” for World Earth Day and inform your group of contacts.

Del Sur News recommends that you make every day Earth Day. There is nothing better than committing yourself to take care of your planet every day. The small actions of us all will together generate great changes.


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