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National Police Report on Homicides and Fatal Accidents


The homicide rate in Nicaragua fell by about 8% during the first three months of this year.

Commissioner General Francisco Díaz Madriz (Deputy Director General of the National Police) announced that there were 114 homicidal deaths for the period from January 1st to April 3rd 2018. Compared to the previous year for the same period (124) which means there was decrease of 10 homicides so far this year. The victim gender breakdown for 2018 was 100 men and 14 women (nine less male and one less female than 2017).

Díaz Madriz noted that so far this year, out of 153 municipalities in the country, 133 municipalities did not experience a loss of life through a violent death.

In relation to the loss of life on the country’s roads, the Deputy Director General shared that year to date, there were 24 less people killed as a result of traffic accidents than the same period last year.

So far this year, 185 people have lost their lives, 161 male and 24 female. The monthly stats were; January 53 deceased, February; 50 and March; 79 (includes Easter Week).


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